Death in a Perfect World

Release date: Coming Soon

Young Adult (Ages 12-18+)

Strange the Dreamer meets Six of Crows in this solarpunk adventure where the world’s major cities have been moved up to the sky and Earth is a nature preserve.

How much would you bid for your celebrity crush’s sweaty t-shirt? How much for a lock of hair? In a future where lives span centuries, death is an art form sold at auction. How much would you bid for your celebrity crush’s corpse, perfectly preserved, miniaturized, and set in a VR diorama?

Astrid will do anything to save a loved one from being murdered and sold on the auction block, even solve a cold case involving a suspected crime lord. Her prime witness is a young street performer, but Zed’s memories are a black hole, his nightmares hint of murder, and his true identity is a mystery…even to him. Revealing the secrets hidden in his past will lead them to a grisly underground market for the remains of the dead.

When death is a prize worth collecting, no one is safe. How much would you bid?
Donor | Book One Cover

Donor: Shreya’s Chronicles, Book 1

Release Date: Available in December!

Young Adult (Ages 12-18+)

Intensity meets Supernatural in this high speed race to discover the truth in a world where shadows hide in the daylight and the world humans have created is about to become their own undoing.

Until her mother tells her to run and don’t look back, Shreya believes she’s just an ordinary, sixteen-year-old girl from a small country town in upstate Louisiana. It’s a lie.

Shreya is chased by shadows that slink and slither and fit into the tiniest crevices. As a fugitive hiding from the law, the unlawful, and those beyond any natural laws, she can only do the one thing she’s trained all her life to do. Run!

In this Solarpunk world, there’s no pollution, hunger, war, disease—the world is perfect. Humans? Far from it.

When the dark follows you into the day…pretend you’re unaware.