Helping Hands

The people on this list were not only fun to work with, they answered questions and made suggestions well beyond what they were paid or commissioned for.
This is my five star list. I hope you’ll reach out to them.

For a longer, more comprehensive list of resources, curated with the help of author Venus Campbell, please visit


Sasha Knight | Editor — Sasha’s edits will inspire you to explore alternative ideas in your story. Her clarity and vision offer insights you hadn’t imagined.

Arran McNicol | | Copy Editing — Arran has the unerring ability to edit without changing the feel and voice of your work. Fast, clean, and smooth, his edits will make your work sparkle.

Julie Scheina | Editor — Julie has an appreciation and respect for the craft that rings true. When she dedicates her time to your work, she fully immerses herself in your story’s world. As such, she has the intuitive ability to discern what you’re trying to achieve and translate that into what’s missing on the page. She gets it–the world building, the characters, the emotions that you’re trying to convey. Then she gently guides you with suggestions and choices to achieve the story you were hoping for all along.

Manu Shadow Valesco | Editor, sensitivity reader — whatever ideas you might have about sensitivity reading, toss them out the window. Manu gently expanded my world view. Theirs was not a judgemental critique, so much as an enlightening path toward wisdom. They expanded my understanding of the impact of words, concepts, and ideas making my work more powerful and focused.


Rida Bargout | typographer, web designer, graphic designer — using a few of my sketches and references, Rida created a font that was exactly what I was hoping for with a few welcome surprises!



Laura Baker | masterclass workshops — As writers, there are stories that seem beyond our ability; with Laura’s tips, tools, and guidance you will become fearless.

Laurie Schnebly Campbell | masterclass workshops — From newbs to veterans, Laurie’s workshops provides techniques, tips, and tricks to improve your story, your blurbing, your synopses, and your toolbox.

Holly Lisle | author, masterclass workshops — Holly has the amazing ability to make even the most difficult concepts seem so easy to understand and use. Her Flash Fiction outline is the only one I still use.

Margie Lawson | masterclass workshops — Margie’s Edits System brought balance to my writing, her Emotions class brought heart. Regardless of genre, her tools will be applicable to your work.



Gary T Hannon | website design, marketing, SEO — Gary set up the website template exactly as I asked for and then guided me and answered all of my questions as I modified the site to what I was hoping for.